Mike Evans Media

Dr. Michael D. Evans: Christian Zionist

In addition to being a dedicated proponent of Israel and the Jewish people, Mike Evans is a prolific author and acclaimed journalist, Middle East analyst and outspoken commentator. Thus far, he has produced nearly 20 documentaries about Israel, many of which received the Excellence in Media (EIM) Angel Award. Based in California, EIM is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization “dedicated to quality family-oriented programming in all facets of communication.” Other EIM Award recipients include Michael Caine, Diane Sawyer, and Pat Boone. Mike’s most recent achievement is the April 2015 launching of the Mike Evans Museum (The Friends of Zion Heritage Center) in the Holy city of Jerusalem, Israel.

Friends of Zion

The Friends of Zion Heritage Center is in a league of its own—unlike any other museum. Rather, it offers its visitors a uniquely interactive, multimedia encounter featuring an hour-long tour that explores the lives of Righteous Gentiles, the true Friends of Zion, such as President Harry S. Truman and Oskar Schindler. The technologically advanced lighting, sound and exhibits—courtesy of a globally recognized Israeli company—conspire to create a most memorable and enlightening experience.

Media Highlights & Achievements

Mike’s writing focuses on events in the Middle East, namely Iraq, Christian Living, and Prophecy. His efforts comprise nearly 40 narrative, non-fiction and creative non-fiction volumes. Evan’s 2010 novel Game Changer is a fictitious work, taking place in the United States that explores how subsequent terrorist attacks could bring America to her knees and theoretically transform our lives, as we know them.

In his book, Jimmy Carter: The Liberal Left and World Chaos, Dr. Evans explores how the compromises made by former administrations exacerbate the already perilous situation of the Jewish people. Along the same likes, his book, Atomic Iran, details President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s plan to “wipe Israel off the map.” Moreover, during a FOX News interview, Mike illustrates how recent activity by President Barack Obama and his Middle Eastern supporters are a considerable threat to Israel and her population, as well as to Jews in the Diaspora. Senior FOX News correspondent, Eric Shawn, conducted this illuminating exposé.

In addition to his achievements as a Middle East analyst, commentator, author and producer, Dr. Michael Evans is a popular and sought after lecturer. His speaking engagements include frequent lectures at the Kremlin, both the World and Middle Eastern Summits, and the Knesset—the legislative branch of the Israeli government. As well, he has been the keynote speaker at a number of prophecy summits and religious conferences, during which his expansive viewpoints concerning scripture, prophecy, events in the Middle East, and Christian values are held in high esteem and appreciation. Evans has been invited to speak at some 3,000 churches around the world. He also unites with prayer teams worldwide who stand in opposition of negative propaganda spread by anti-Israel hate groups.